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  • Spent 2018 touring the USA with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary and The Lonesome Traveler Band, with a few select performances with Noel Paul Stookey (also of PPM) and George Grove (of The Kingston Trio) - she will continue to tour with Peter through Spring 2019.

  • Call Me Baby’ from Charlotte’s debut EP was received as an “anthem for the Time’s Up generation” and was featured in various publications including MusicTo and Emerging Indie Bands.

  • Played the Delaware River Festival’s Camden River Days Music Festival where her original music was seen on ABC6 news.

  • Spent Spring 2018 in Ashland, Oregon performing at a regional theatre, busking in the popular tourist park and sharing her original music with audiences from all over the country.

  • Fan-funded the release of her debut EP ‘To New York, with love’, her debut music video for ‘City That Never Sleeps’ and her NYC solo debut at Feinstein’s/54 Below.

  • Graduate of Northwestern University where she studied theatre, marketing and business. She also spent her 4 years composing for musical theatre for which she won The John and Marietta Paynter Award for the Creation of Music. Charlotte still has pursuits in theatre, often utilizing her actor-musicians skills with her many instruments (guitar, violin, ukulele, mandolin, melodica, piano).

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“[Charlotte’s] lyrics and harmonies are some of the strongest I’ve heard from such a fresh performer in years…”

- (K.J. Hardy, Feinstein’s/54 Below)


Charlotte Morris is a New York based singer-songwriter whose music showcases a unique blend of folk, pop and rock music. From her lilting folk ballads to her rock anthems for a new generation, Charlotte displays a wide aptitude for various styles. Charlotte draws inspiration from many of her favorite artists including Delta Rae, Brandi Carlile, Christina Perri and folk legends like Peter, Paul and Mary and Simon & Garfunkel. Her songs, which are mostly auto-biographical, also reflect her years in the theatre, with nuances and lyrical specificity akin to musical theatre writing. Described as “the love-child of Judy Collins, deftly playing her violin, guitar and our heartstrings”, Charlotte’s music and charming on-stage presence leave audience members wanting more.

Charlotte released her debut EP 'To New York, with love’ in June 2018, which received recognition from newspapers and music blogs worldwide. Songs from the EP have been added to numerous Spotify playlists and ‘Call Me Baby’, the 2nd track, has been featured on MusicTo for 3 consecutive months. Charlotte also recently played her first NYC Solo Concert at Feinstein’s/54 Below which featured all original music written over the last 10 years. She just released her new single, ‘High’ on November 1, 2018. Charlotte will be heading to Nashville in December 2018 to record 3 new songs - release information coming soon!

Charlotte is originally from outside of Philadelphia, where she is one of REC Philly’s FreeThinkers. While Charlotte is based in New York, she spends quite a bit of time in Philadelphia and has spent the last few months performing at various venues in the tristate area.

When not writing and releasing music, Charlotte can be seen performing in theatrical productions across the country (most recently Behold Her - Half Key Theatre Company), playing with dogs and eating cheese.



“The real highlight comes in the delivery of Charlotte Morris, whose demeanor and control are so spot on that her buildups to her money notes completely catch you off guard and delight you.” (Collegeaca.com)

“Charlotte Morris is the love child of Judy Collins, deftly playing the violin, the guitar and our heartstrings. With curled platinum hair and a dress from a Bob Dylan protest, she floats through… haunting us with her excellent, ethereal voice.”
(Ian Rigg, Chicagoland)

Charlotte “gives an amazingly raw and emotional performance".”
(Exquisite Noise Records)

“[Charlotte Morris] gives us a full serving of pop and folk vocals…”
(Keep Walking Music)


Stay Strong - single (Milkboy Studios, Ardmore PA, 2011)

To New York, with love - 5 song EP (Dubway Studios, New York NY, 2018)

High - single (Dominic Gibbs Production, Nashville TN, coming Nov. 2018)


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