“[Charlotte’s] lyrics and harmonies are some of the strongest I’ve heard from such a fresh performer in years…”
(K.j. Hardy, Feinstein’s/54 Below)

”[Charlotte is] a singer-songwriter whose time has come, and a singer-songwriter who has come just in time…”
(Clive Swersky, Alive with Clive)

The Detour


“Shine showcases Charlotte’s songwriting skills which are packed with a strong political stance prompted by the chaos that has overrun the United States.”


“[High] is beautiful. I love the arrangement and production, how it builds… I hear a song like, ‘High’, and I think, if there was any justice, this song would be all over mainstream radio, on TV and in movies. It’s a great song that has commercial appeal.” (Lazlo from Lazlo’s Den on BlowUpRadio)

“The voice of Charlotte Morris is in perfect harmony with her song. A real musical gem… writing, melody, vocal performance: there is everything to make it a hymn to love.”

- Music for your Heart (now known as Indie Music Center)

“Charlotte is an incredible storyteller, and with ‘High’ she captivates the listener’s attention with her songwriting and stunning vocals that convey the emotion of the lyrics.”

To New York, with love

Read The Daily Northwestern's feature article on the release of debut EP, 'To New York, with love'

Charlotte gives "an amazingly raw and emotional performance" (Exquisite Noise Records)

"Feel Good/Inspirational" (Caesar Live n Loud)

'To New York, with love' features "really nice writing and vocal work..." (Plastic Mag)

"The vocals are fantastic..." (The Gate)

"Fun Pop Rock vibes..." (We All Want Someone)

On the EP’s 2nd track, Call Me Baby: " This anthem for the Time's Up generation draws on a lifetime of catcalls and vulgar remarks from men who treat women like sexual objects. And this is the moment when one woman can't take any more."

"Charlotte is unafraid to note the bad points of life, whilst choosing to focus more on the better things...the listener is also led to believe that despite the bad - there is a good heart still beating which needs a greater spotlight."

"...the highlight of the release [is] the second song, of more consternation, CALL ME BABY"

"Charlotte Morris is back and recently release a new red hot and upbeat sing 'Give Love a Try'. She gives us a full serving of pop and folk vocals mixed; the single is dynamic and summery..."